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Health Information & Precautions

Melbourne, like most parts of Australia, presents few health risks for foreign visitors. Tap water is good, restaurants and eating places are required by law to maintain a high standard of Accommodation preparation, and the city is generally clean. Smog is less of a problem than with cities such as London, Hong Kong and Bangkok, but is still quite high.

If you are an asthmatic, be aware that Melbourne does have "smog days" and issues smog alerts for people with breathing difficulties. These days are most common in the still Autumn months (February through till May). Exposure to the sun in Melbourne can be a problem for those who are fair-skinned - this is made worse by the fact that Melbourne is more seriously affected by ozone depletion than the other capital cities. Medical costs in Australia are not exorbitant like in the United States and Europe, but travel insurance is still highly recommended.

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